Új Magyarország Kockázati Tőkealap

CenTech Új Magyarország Kockázati Tőkealap


As participant in the JEREMIE (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises) programme CenTech Új Magyarország Kockázati Tőkealap has set the target of upgrading the capital positions of the enterprises in early and start-up life periods within the domestic SME sector. The investable capital available for the Fund is HUF 5 billion composed of HUF 3.5 billion EU resources and HUF 1.5 billion private resources.

According to the Fund’s investment policy those Hungarian enterprises preferred from the aspect of financing that have important growing potential in line with minimal sectoral limitations.

In general two investment types compose the portfolio of the Fund: the innovative enterprises having solid business plans and being in the initial phase of the life period, as well as the enterprises having stable course of affairs entering into the growing period.

Within 12 months the Fund is permitted investing the amount in Hungarian Forint corresponding to EUR 1.5 million that can be repeated in three consecutive years. The Fund prefers the investments of more considerable volume and starts negotiations only in particularly justified cases if the financing requirement is below HUF 50 million.

In the course of the investments the Fund endeavors to acquire majority business quota and each time acquires quota in the targeted investment company’s control corresponding to voting rights over 25%.

The Fund lays particular stress on developing the steering and monitoring activities of the already purchased companies by exploiting the experiences the Fund Manager acquired earlier – in the course of controlling more than 50 firms in total.